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Retour en image sur l’événement organisé par le collectif Vélorution Universelle 2017 qui se déroulait à Nancy, avec la présence de Dynamo fêtant ses 10 ans.

Cette vidéo a été réalisé par l’association Yaka Fokus

In 2017 the Universal VeloRution is in the city of Nancy!

After Paris, Concarneau, Marseille, Bruxelles, Grenoble and Toulouse, VeloRutionaries from all over France and beyond have decided to put down their kickstands and bags in Lorraine! Come and join this merry, militant and friendly event!

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What is the VeloRution?

The VeloRution is both an individual and collective endeavour. YOU are the Velorution!

Let all of us do the VeloRution on a daily basis

  • let’s leave the car in the garage
  • let’s ride in groups of cyclists so we are more visible.
  • let’s give the most vulnerable right of way
    And let’s never forget: a bicycle is legitimate on the road !

It’s a good apportunity to:

  • overturn the balance of power usually discrimating against cyclists
  • demand more space in urban surroundings for soft transport and living
  • share and keep developping these ideas
  • tempt everybody to ride a bike
  • take over the street and use it together
    It is important that this event be non violent , participatory, festive and militant.
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Call for the UV !

La page Facebook de l’événement.

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