Vélorution Universelle : Nancy - Maxéville 2017 Contact

Practical tips


  • Mail : contact(at)velorutionuniverselle(dot)org
  • Phone: +33 6 83652633

Availability of bikes in Nancy

Do come with your own bike if you can !

But, we also have a number of bikes that can be let at no cost to travelling velorutionaries. Make sure you have declared how many bikes you’ll be needing in the registration form. (Applications will be satisfied within the limit of available bikes) . (Padlocks are not provided)).

There’s also the Metropolitan Bike Rent system. You can reckon on about at least 10 € for 4 days and a deposit of 150€. It is advisable to make reservations beforehand to avoid being left without an available bike when you arrive.


Travelling velorutionaries will find several types of meals adapted to a variety of different diets (vegetarian, vegan, various intolerances). They will be sold under the system of free contribution during these 4 days. Please state your prefenrences in the VU registration form.

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